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About the instructor

Class instruction by Colleen Ryan - a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for over 10 years.  A trainer's trainer who is dedicated and passionate about fitness, health and well being.  Colleen's passion for fitness extends beyond the confines of class instruction.  In addition to providing group and personal fitness instruction, Colleen spends countless hours researching and developing new training techniques and contemporary music to keep instruction fresh and interesting, as well as challenging.


"I have been training with Colleen for over six months.  The difference she has made in my fitness level is nothing short of amazing.  Her ability to constantly bring new concepts and ideas to our workout sessions demonstrates her commitment and knowledge to her profession."       ~ Michael D.

"Best classes around!  I travel 40 minutes 6 days a week to attend her classes. Once you take one class you'll be hooked."           ~ Lindsey C.

"I've been taking Colleen's classes for seven years now.  I have always enjoyed sports and fitness and her classes are exciting, different and keep me wanting more.  She truly loves what she does and it shows.  Thanks Colleen."           ~ Terri M.

"Colleen provides fun and challenging workouts.  They are the best I have ever done."           ~ Karen B.

"I've never been more inspired by someone's passion and dedication.  Colleen practices what she preaches and makes you feel like getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle is an achievable goal.  When you meet her, you will agree.           ~ John R. (father of her 5 children!)

"Simply put, Colleen is an exercise genius.  She puts together combinations of exercises in her routines just as a master chef mixes ingredients.  The end result is an absolutely delicious workout that leaves you feeling healthy, happy, toned and smiling.  Good trainers give you a great workout.  Great trainers give you an outstanding workout while making it fun at the same time.  Colleen brings energy, enthusiasm and creativity to her workouts and no one leaves the room feeling disappointed.  Her workouts are an experience not to be missed."   ~ Dan I. 
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