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Class Descriptions

Body Toning                                            Kickboxing                                     
Focus is on muscle toning and strength               A high-energy ultimate cardio challenge
using free weights.                                               inorporating non-contact kicks and punches

                                                     Kickboxing and Weights

High Intensity Interval Training                            Another intense cardio challenge   
Bursts of cardio combined with                           Intervals of Kickboxing combined with
intervals of strength training.                               intervals of strength training

Wednesday's WOW
Wednesday's 'Work out of the Week'!               20 minutes of Kickboxing, 20 more minutes of 
This could be any of the formats listed              cardio using a step, and 20 minutes of strength
or something new.  Always challenging!            training.
It will be posted weekly on my cryanfit
page on facebook.  'LIKE' it today!

All classes end with a few minutes of abdominal work and stretching.
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